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Redefining Tokyo — transcending the “urban jungle” stereotype
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Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau



The challenge

Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) asked us to create a website that would help challenge perceptions of Tokyo and reposition it as a more diverse tourist destination. The client needed a new site that would promote lesser-known districts and activities, drive visitors to all parts of the metropolitan area, and encourage people to spend more time in and around the capital. We handled all aspects of content production and system development, collaborating with a client-appointed design team to produce a chic, user-centric site in just six months.

Showcasing Tokyo in its entirety

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Simplifying Tokyo's geography

Tokyo Metropolis comprises more than 50 administrative districts and includes a chain of islands that stretches hundreds of kilometers into the Pacific Ocean. Helping visitors understand the geography and comfortably navigate Tokyo’s central areas and outlying lakes, mountains, and far-flung islands was a pivotal task.

Faced with this challenge, we broke the capital into a manageable number of main geographical areas and added map and accommodation search functionality to the site. We audited and evaluated Tokyo’s attractions with international visitors in mind, prioritizing the most compelling destinations. We replaced directly translated area overviews and other text with fresh, natural English aimed at engaging the reader and providing meaningful user-centric information.

The result is a site that showcases all of Tokyo in a compelling, digestible, and navigable format, enabling visitors to plan effective itineraries with ease.

Streamlining the content production process

The project involved planning, writing, editing, and proofreading content for more than 1,200 pages. We had just six months to produce the content, navigate a multilayered sign-off process including several rounds of revisions, and launch the new site. To make this possible, we developed a custom content editing tool.

Using the tool, writers were able to refer to site design materials and visual assets while writing, mitigating the need for stylistic editing prior to the launch. We set up a detailed workflow that allowed writers, editors, proofreaders, and client reviewers to collaborate seamlessly and in real-time. The tool tracked all changes and kept a log of version histories, meaning we were able to resolve user-error related issues efficiently.

We leveraged our expertise to handle all aspects of system development, image sourcing, and content production in an agile manner, to produce a site befitting of the world’s largest metropolis in six short months.

We developed our own content editing system for an agile approach to the content production process.
Go Tokyo
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A comprehensive site befitting of the world’s largest metropolis
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