Always evolving

FunkyCorp has been driving creative change since our founding in 2002, when we brought major international brands to Japanese flip phones using i-mode technology.
We were born global, and we continue to bridge cultures and overcome language barriers. For nearly two decades, we have drawn on our design, system development, and branding experience to help our clients with their markets. We have become a trusted partner of luxury brands and government agencies — always evolving to offer the latest and very best solutions for our clients. We talk straight, support our ideas with data and conviction, and are passionate about what we do.

Diversity is our strength


We have a majority-female workforce

Women make up over half of our team.

We are an international team

languages spoken

Sometimes we need a break

40 bowls of ramen per week
250 cups of coffee per week

We celebrate diversity

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, or disability.

We love animals

Our employees live with pets including cats, rabbits, birds, chickens, and goats. (Sometimes cats and rabbits visit the office.)

Meet the
management team


Terumasa Mori
Teru is a self-starter and problem solver, with a background in graphic and web design. Since he established FunkyCorp in 2002 his mission has been to work hard, play hard, and always keep evolving.

Senior Manager

Naoyuki Shima
Nao is a talented designer and photographer, who has evolved into an insightful strategist. He is also known as “Nomadic Nao” for his passion for adventure, exploring the world by motorcycle.

Senior Manager

Katrina Tomita
Katrina is a natural leader with a background in software development. Her direct yet friendly approach and talent for thinking ten steps ahead make her a trusted mentor. Born in the Philippines and raised in Japan, she bridges cultures with ease.

Content Director

Matt Taylor
Matt brings a deep knowledge of Japanese language, history and culture to the team, along with an international perspective on Japan. He’s a highly effective, detail-focused project manager, tempered by his dry, British sense of humor.