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The challenge

The Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization, the destination management organization that represents all seven prefectures of Kyushu, asked us to create a website that caters to new markets. The modern, cohesive website that we crafted replaced the organization’s unfocused legacy site.

Japan tourism data shows that travelers from the European, North American, and Australian markets tend to stay longer and spend more per day than visitors from other overseas regions. However, these travelers tend not to travel as far south as Kyushu. We positioned the website to target these markets while capturing the distinct character of each of the island’s prefectures.

Bringing Kyushu to new markets

Visit Kyushu
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Curated content that drives goals

We set out to focus the site on content that grows visitor numbers from the intended markets. We began by researching and auditing over 600 sightseeing spots across Kyushu. Many of these were featured on the legacy site, but with images and translated text that lacked focus and appeal. We conducted extensive SEO keyword research and analyzed site traffic data to identify the most engaging pages and the most appealing Kyushu locations for the target audience. From there, we selected 60 of the most compelling locations to showcase on the site. Our curated choices highlight the island’s diversity and gives balanced coverage of each prefecture.

We created new content for the most strategically important pages while optimizing pivotal existing pages. We wrote editorial-style itineraries geared toward visitors from the target markets, who tend to visit for longer and enjoy independent travel. Our new pages included clear infographics and practical information that encourage users to add Kyushu to their Japan travel plans.

Understanding the Kyushu brand

The Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization had created a new, unified branding strategy for Kyushu, and we built the website around their blueprint. The brand ties seven diverse prefectures together through volcanic power and geothermal energy, Kyushu’s history as a center of international exchange, and the fertile fields and abundant waters that shape the island’s cuisine.

We consulted with the client to fully understand this new branding. It informed the entire website, from design and color scheme to content strategy and selection.

We implemented a unified branding strategy for Kyushu’s seven diverse prefectures.
Visit Kyushu
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Editorial-style content and clear infographics to engage and inform
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