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Broadening Gunma’s appeal by playing to its strengths
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Gunma Prefecture



The challenge

The government of Gunma Prefecture asked us to create a tourism strategy that more effectively markets Gunma to an international audience. To create this strategy, we paired extensive quantitative research with our expert knowledge of tourism in Japan. We detailed our findings and recommendations in a clear, evidence-driven report.

Setting Gunma apart through data analysis

In-depth data analysis

We began by analyzing annual statistical data collected by the prefectural government, including information on which nationalities visit and how much they spend. From this data, we extracted insights into Gunma’s target markets. We then paired Gunma-specific statistics with similar tourism information from around Japan to devise a strategy that identifies and promotes the prefecture’s core selling points to the most appropriate audience.

There was little data on what international visitors enjoy doing while in Gunma, so we conducted our own research. We devised a sophisticated review process to grade each prefecture on its tourism strengths and weaknesses, covering categories including nature, infrastructure, culture, attractions, and cuisine. We collated this data to see where Gunma excels and to decide on the best way to differentiate it from other nearby prefectures. Gunma scored exceptionally well in a few key categories: natural beauty, hot spring resorts, hiking, outdoor activities, and ease of access from Tokyo. We made these elements the pillars of our strategy, focusing Gunma’s messaging on these strengths. While some less-successful campaigns look to sell all aspects of a destination, we found that Gunma would benefit most from a more concentrated approach.

Creating a solid strategy

Based on the results of our research, we built a holistic inbound tourism strategy for Gunma that plays to its most compelling characteristics. We recommended maximizing the appeal of specific areas, such as Kusatsu and Minakami, and promoting them as independent destinations with different travel themes. By marketing Gunma’s main areas separately, travelers can pinpoint destinations through their interests. Emphasizing key strengths over less compelling attractions avoids diluting the Gunma brand, yet still engages a broad market. Moreover, this strategy solves the challenge of transportation within the prefecture. Getting from A to B within this mountainous area can be difficult for visitors, but treating each major area as its own destination shifts focus from this potential drawback. We provided Gunma with a focused promotion strategy and a data-forward report detailing our findings.

We developed a focused inbound tourism strategy that concentrates on Gunma’s core strengths.
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