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Cross-media promotion founded on a trusted partnership
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The challenge

In 2016, the Wakayama prefectural government asked us to launch a new version of their official tourism website. The project required a tight turnaround of just 10 weeks. In that short time frame, we restructured and redesigned the site from the top down. We created captivating English master content and localized it into seven other languages.

Since the site’s launch, we have continued to work closely with Wakayama, regularly adding targeted content and creating print brochures in eight languages. Through close collaboration, we have developed a deep understanding and genuine passion for the prefecture, allowing us to transmit our exhaustive knowledge to the public.

From a one-off project to years of collaboration

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Quick and comprehensive web production

Given the tight deadline, every facet of the site renewal had to move simultaneously. We redeveloped the content of every landing and index page — only preexisting descriptions for individual attraction pages were left untouched. To ensure consistency in tone, a single copywriter handled all rewriting. The localization into seven languages created a total of 3,200 pages. We assembled a team of experienced translators who took into account cultural context to ensure the website is engaging in each of the target languages.

Meticulously curated, immersive images drive the user experience and complement the evocative copy. A top-down redesign, custom content management system, and modern infrastructure fuel an intuitive browsing experience across all devices.

Site-enhancing updates and additions

Wakayama continues to turn to us for frequent website updates and additions. Much of the new content focuses on ways to get around the expansive prefecture. We leverage our knowledge of the area to couple enticing travel inspiration with practical content on buses, driving, and cycling. We pair such transportation information with helpful itineraries that encourage visitors to explore beyond Wakayama’s most popular attractions.

Expanding reach through print media

We created inspirational brochures that showcase Wakayama’s beauty in print. We first made a comprehensive 60-page brochure containing extremely detailed information. We followed that up with a slimmer version that condenses the prefecture’s highlights into a more easily digestible package. We localized these brochures into eight languages, ensuring each version is enjoyable and natural for native readers. Wakayama representatives display and distribute these brochures at trade shows around the world, generating international interest and positioning the prefecture as a top-tier destination.

We work across media and languages to promote Wakayama around the world.
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Comprehensive promotion built on years of partnership and trust

The results

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